Top Baby Names For 2023

With every generation comes new trends. Some stand the test of time, and others leave us hanging our heads in shame as we look back at the evidence. As millennials have risen to power, cultural game changers like Tik Tok dances, tiny backpacks, and disturbingly short hipster bangs have taken the world by storm. As I look at my Instagram feed and see a daunting Continue reading Top Baby Names For 2023

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Joe Biden’s Playlist

Joe Biden’s Playlist Barack Obama gained huge plaudits throughout his presidency with this yearly playlist. A compiled list of songs B-Money bumped throughout the year. The playlist always contained 2 songs for each of his higher polling demos: classics, rock, pop/indie, hip-hop, and top 40. The songs couldn’t have been selected better by a carefully curated group of staffers, even if A$AP Obama tried. To Continue reading Joe Biden’s Playlist

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How To Become An Influencer On TikTok

HOW TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER ON TIK-TOK There is no denying the potential of creating a popular TikTok account. Sponsorships, brand integrations, and income. All from creating content and having fun while doing it! However, becoming an influencer on TikTok is not a scientific system. Creativity and originality always thrive on any social media platform.  Despite that, our team has run an analysis of the Continue reading How To Become An Influencer On TikTok

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