There is no denying the potential of creating a popular TikTok account. Sponsorships, brand integrations, and income. All from creating content and having fun while doing it!

However, becoming an influencer on TikTok is not a scientific system. Creativity and originality always thrive on any social media platform. 

Despite that, our team has run an analysis of the top performing TikTok stars. We’re delighted to report that we’ve discovered a common thread that all famous TikTokers complete before reaching their legendary status.

Below are some of the common steps every TikTok star has taken to get more followers!

Step 1: Purchase A Ring Light

The most important piece of posting high-quality TikTok videos is the lighting! The best way to ensure you always find your spotlight is to purchase a ring light.

There are plenty of options available. Multiple ring lights are recommended: a powerful one for home, one travel light, and if you’re really getting famous, then buy a phone case ring light here!

Step 2: Predict Trending Audio

TikTok is all about trends. A great way to capture the latest trend is to review the top trending audios for TikTok. Create a video based on that trending audio!

The best TikTok influencers are great at predicting the next trending audio. Don’t be afraid to review the rising audios and add your fresh take. You never know what may become viral!

Step 3: Steal A Free-Range Rooster

This step is where most people fail to become TikTok famous. PURCHASING A ROOSTER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. It must be stolen.

The stolen rooster will fight you. Allow this to happen. You must rule it into submission. Free-range roosters are especially difficult to capture. The TikTok Gods will approve of this extra effort.

Step 4: Light 8 Candles. Align Them In A Rhombus.

Preferably, have scented candles available. The TikTok Gods like to see how you choose to blend scents.

A rhombus signifies the eternal struggle you’re willing to endure in order to keep updated with the latest trends and editing tools. Also, the rhombus automatically lists your soul for sale on Amazon

Step 5: In A High-Pitch Voice, Repeat The Phrase, “Ya Nimyy” 6 Times.

Much like the average household cat, The TikTok Gods are able to hear higher pitches than the human ear. 

Your effort to appease their eardrums will be received with gratitude and slight sexual arousal. Eliciting these feelings are the key to going viral in TikTok.

Step 6: Challenge The Rooster To A Game Of Connect 4. Win In Less Than 12 Turns.

The rooster has now become a threat. Establish your dominance in mind, body, and soul by destroying the cock in Connect 4.

Watch out for the diagonal strategy. Cocks have, time and time again, proven their ability to subtly place outside pieces and work their way inside. This tactic surprises even the most veteran of opponents.

If you lose to the cock, you’re not destined to become TikTok famous. I’m sorry.

Step 7: Make A Perfectly Nice Sandwich. Throw It Away. Speak To No One.

The TikTok Gods demand sacrifice. Since it’s no longer “politically correct” to perform an animal sacrifice, the cock lives (for now).

Instead, other versions of meat will be accepted. You now must leave your rhombus and enter your kitchen to make a sandwich.

The more layers of the sandwich, the more pleased the TikTok Gods will become. 

Carefully craft your sandwich. Systemic layering of condiments, even distribution of meat and veggies, and perfectly centered bread. Once complete, violently throw the entire sandwich into the trash. Really throw it in with force. You’re feeding the ever-hungry content machine.

Step 8: Call A Friend. Tell Them, “Your Outfit Isn't Working For You Right Now.” Hang Up.

The TikTok Universe thrives on chaos. You must begin to sow this chaos in your everyday life. Especially if you plan to endure the hard, rigorous lifestyle of a TikTok influencer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT answer immediate callbacks from your friend. Leave them to stew in the fear of someone watching them. If your friend calls more than 5 times, send them the text, “You really need to clean your counters.”

Step 9: Summon Satan, Lord Of Darkness.

The ritual is complete! You have pleased the TikTok Gods. Now, the Gods will pass you through to a 2nd-round interview with TikTok CEO, Satan.

Everyone’s experience with The Dark Lord is different. You can expect to sell your soul in exchange for TikTok fame. The exchange is pretty straightforward.  However, your Social Security Number may be required to complete the process.

Step 10: Post Regularly!

Now that you have a bunch of followers on TikTok, don’t forget to post regularly! Users love to see fresh content in their feed. The average lifespan of a single post is 2 days. Stay in the feed! 

We recommend creating a content calendar for your posts. Be sure to keep yourself accountable with the schedule. Also, don’t forget to engage! Social media is designed to be social. Only posting isn’t enough to stay famous.

We hope you enjoy your numerous followers and lack of soul! Please keep NewsToob in mind for upcoming social trends, tips, and news!

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